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Where Do We Go From Here (2014)

Music video for Charles Bradley's Where Do We Go From Here.

Darkness Is Good (2013)

Short abstract B&W animation.

Mariettas Lied (2012)

Official music video for Mariettas Lied by Nicola Benedetti.

Produced for Decca Classics.

Onesome (2012)

Official music video for Onesome by I Am Harlequin.

I Am Harlequin, Onesome, Music Video, Videos

A Tightrope Dance (2012)

Official music video for A Tightrope Dance by Puzzle Muteson. 

A Tightrope Dance, Puzzle Muteson, Music Videos, Videos

Purrple Splazsh (2011)

Unofficial music video for Purrple Splazsh by Actress.

Unofficial, music video, videos, Actress, Purrple Splazsh

@ dawn (2011)

Official music video for @ dawn by Skylines.

Music Videos, at Dawn, Skylines videos

Aldilà (2011)

Experimental film about the afterlife.

Official selection for Best Experimental Film at Cornwall Film Festival 2011.

Played at Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival 2012.

Official selection for Beijing First Film Festival 2012.

Official selection for Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche 2013.

Experimental Film, Afterlife, Best Eperimental Film, Cornwall Film Festival 2011, Cannes Film Festival 2012

Ayandeh (2011)

Official music video for Ayandeh by Police Academy 6 + Kodak To Graph. 

Police Academy 6, Official Music Video, Music videos, Kodak to Graph, Ayandeh

Fill In The Blanks (2011)

Official music video for Fill In The Blanks by Police Academy 6 + Top Girls.

Fill In The Blanks, Police Academy 6, Top Girls, Music Videos, Videos

Good Day Today (2010)

Unofficial music video for Good Day Today by David Lynch. Submitted to as part of competition.

Unofficial, Music Videos, David Lynch,, competition

My Mistake (2010)

Official music video for Run by Police Academy 6. Related article on Mubi available here.

Run , Police Academy 6, Music Videos, Videos

The Pilgrimage of Joan (2010)

Experimental film and performance attempting to evoke the spirits of both Édith Piaf and Joan of Arc. Official selection for Best Experimental Film at Cornwall Film Festival 2010.

Experimental, Performance, Joan of Arc, Édith Piaf, Official selection, Best Experimental Film, Cornwall Film Festival 2010