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Ciphers (2015)

A series of digital images in which personal sentiments have been written out and encrypted in different ways.

[Digital images in JPG format]

Five Moods (2014)

A series of portraits of genderless faces.

[marker pen on watercolour paper]

A-Z of Obscure Animals (2012)

An alphabet of bizarre critters. Each animal's scientific name is written on the side.

[marker pen and fine liner on brown envelopes]

Doodling On Famous Writers (2012)

Series of doodles on the faces of famous writers. Related article on Huffington Post here.

[marker pen and fine liner on card]

g L / † ç |-| (2009-)

Ongoing collection of images produced by datamoshing or glitching image/video files.

[digital image files; available in print]

Faces (2008)

Series of five portraits of people I saw in my dreams.

[marker pen on paper]