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Brasso (2015)

Irish-language experimental short produced for poet Faraòn Meteosès' multimedia project Largo Sguardo.

Ante-Climax (2015)

Ante-Climax compiles the last second of 120 major films, one for each year since cinema's birth.

Eight for Mikio Naruse (2011)

A short experimental piece using clips from films by Mikio Naruse. The music is adapted from Catherine Christer Hennix's miraculous composition Electric Harpsichord No. 1.


Karalienes Daina (2010)

This installation was an attempt to visualise the lights seen during one's "after-death" as described in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. The music is a densely layered edit of a Lithuanian folk song.


Silent Scores (2009)

These are excerpts from a project where I generated soundtracks to silent films using vOICE, software for the blind that converts image data into audio data.

C5:: Cuts (2005)

Short experiment shot on a webcam to Ryoji Ikeda's C5:: Cuts.